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heavy metal ultra 10.08.2024












Heavy Metal Ultra is the first Backyard Ultra in the Baltics, taking place in Keila since 2019. What makes the race special, are the rock songs what marks the starts.. It's like a mix between a running race and a rock concert! The playlist is put together by the participants themselves from the songs requested during registration. Due to the format, the participants spend a lot of time together both when running and between laps, so it creates a special atmosphere for the competition. Everybody will find the challenge - those who are just starting to run longer distances and do not compete for the first place, can try how long they can endure, or another challenge can be to try to run 7 laps, because everyone who has completed at least seven laps will receive a special medal.


Backyard Ultra - what is it?

Backyard Ultra is a running competition format where participants have to cover 6.7 km after each new start on the every full hour. The remaining time before the new start can be used for rest. The competition lasts until only one participant remains. According to the rules, only the winner is considered the finisher competition, the rest are all DNF (did not finish).

The author of the format is Gary "Lazarus Lake" Cantrell (pictured), who since 2012 has been holding a competition called "Big's Backyard Ultra" every year at his home in Tennessee, USA.

Backyard Ultra world record is 108 laps (724 km) It was achieved by American runner Harvey Lewis in 2023 at the “Big's Backyard Ultra” competition

The Estonian record of 55 laps, or 368.83 km, belongs to Hannes Veide, who achieved this result in the 2021 "Heavy Metal Ultra" 


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