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1. Heavy Metal Ultra (HMU) is an Backyard Ultra type of ultramarathon that takes place in Keila, Estonia in a 6.706 km marked lap. The goal of the participants is to complete the lap within the 1-hour control period, the total number of laps is not limited. All persons at least 18 years of age who have paid the participation fee can participate (latest date of birth 10.08.2006)


2. The start of the HMU will be given 10.08.2024, 10:00 at Ehitajate tee 13, Keila.

Behind the starting gate, there is marked on the ground the starting area. All starters must be inside this area at the time of the start (full hour). Those who are not, will not be able to start later. You have to start exactly on the full hour.

The approaching start is marked as follows:

- 3 minutes before the start, 3 whistles sound

- 2 minutes before the start, music starts playing

- 1 minute before the start, 1 whistle sounds

The start, which takes place at the full hour, is marked with a horn.


3. The finish gate of the first lap will close at 11:00, the finish gate of each subsequent lap will close at each subsequent full hour. Participants who finish before the closing of finish gate will have the right to start a new lap in a new full hour if they have reached the marked start area at the time of the next start.


4. At 11:00 and so on at every full hour, there will be new start. Those who are in the start area at the time of the start can go to new lap.


5. Participants who do not reach the finish line before each full hour and who do not enter the course before the closing of the start gate after each full hour will be considered as DNF (did not finish). Only the last participant who completes the last lap according to rules, is considered as finisher.


6. There are two competition classes - Men and Women. There can be one winner in each competition class, it is the last participant in each class who has entered the new lap and also passes this lap alone according to the rules. If the last participants quit together or the last participant does not complete the last lap alone according to the rules, the winner will not be announced. There is no second and third places and no different classes according of age, mental capacity, sexual orientation, musical taste or the like. All participants will receive a diploma, those who have completed at least 7 laps (46.9 km) will receive a special medal.


7. There is a drinking and catering tent in the competition centre, where sports drinks, water, cola, mineral water, tea, coffee, bananas, raisins, nuts, potato chips, chocolate, bread, salt and watermelon are served throughout the event. Hot food is served from 15:00 after 5 p.m.


8. Start materials will be distributed at the competition center on Friday 09.08.2024 from 17:00 to 20:00 and in the morning of the competition day from 8:00 to 9:45


9. Timing is done with a chip attached to the inside of the competition number. When passing the start and finish gates, the number must be visible to the camera in the front of the body.


10. Participation fees:

- 2.01.2024 to 30.04.2024 - 66 €

- 1.05.2024 to 25.07.2024 - 79 €

- 26.07.2024 to 07.08.2024 - 92 €


Important rules:

- It is not allowed to return to the competition center after starting

- Any outside assistance outside the competition center is prohibited, including sending the participant by running or cycling.

- the use of a headlamp is obligatory at night

- The HMU is performed according to these instructions

- Issues and problems not covered in this guide will be resolved by the panel of judges together with the organizers

- Each participant participates in the competition at his own risk.

- Failure to know these instructions will not release the participant from its obligations

- participants' and supporters' cars will be parked in the parking lot next to the competition center, participants are allowed to put up tents.

- the organizer has the right to interrupt or cancel the competition in case of force majeure or natural disaster

- We ask all participants not to litter the trail with rubbish and to respect the surrounding nature

- By signing the start protocol, the participant undertakes to comply with all the points listed in the instructions

- If the participant cant start the race, the entry fee will not be refunded or transferred to other competitions. If the participant cant start for health reasons, until 6.08.2022 it is possible to transfer 50% of the registration fee to the next year upon presentation of a medical certificate.

- the participation can be transferred to another participant. Re-registration takes place until 6.08.2022 and costs 10 €. In order to re-register, the participant must notify by e-mail to, stating the name and contact details of the new participant.


Registration takes place at NB! If you want an invoice to pay for the registration, let us know before filling in the form by e-mail to, adding information about the recipient of the invoice (in the case of a legal entity, company details)!

The participant can write 1 song (preferably harder rock) to the registration form. Based on these songs, a playlist of starting songs will be compiled and will be played in the order of registration starting from the third start song (the first song is fixed by the organizers and the second song can be chosen by the winner of the previous year)


Before the start and after the finish, we want to take photos of all the participants. Later the photos will be sent to each participant's e-mail.



HMU organizers:

Olle Rõuk, phone 514 8553, e-mail, Ivar Tupp, phone 511 4179, e-mail

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